Supernova is a company engaged in promoting and managingurban regenerationprojects.

Distinguished by a particular regard for the areas in which it works, the company creates added value and promotes sustainable development through the acquisition and transformation of large areas, such as abandoned railway yards, industrial areas and historic sites.

Formed in 2019, by founding partners Heinz Peter Hager and Paolo Signoretti, Supernova is currently developing and completing over 15 main ventures in Northern Italy and is in the course of assessing a similar number.
The planned ventures, including the regeneration of Manufattura Tabacchi in Verona and Necchi in Pavia, concernover 800,000 square meters, of which over 300,000 square meters will become green areas and public spaces; high-quality districts characterized by a mix of different functions, where people will enjoy an improved quality of life, be able to work, study, grow and meet, to participate in cultural and leisure activities and connect with nature.

Underpinning the thinking behind the regeneration projects undertaken by Supernova is the conviction that cities will become ever more appealing and contemporary, that different areas will become more interconnected and that old wounds will be healed thanks to the regeneration of formerly industrial sites, and the skillful use of renewable energy, advanced technologies, slow mobility, car-free spaces and new green areas, all freely accessible to the community.

Integral to this process is a commitment to sustainable development, one that is attentive to the social aspects and the creation of safe and inclusive places thanks to an ongoing dialogue with institutions, local communities, associations and residents.



Sustainability and innovation, smart mobility and energy efficiency, improvement of the quality of life and social cohesion and new opportunities are all key elements through which Supernova aims to create added value for the community, for stakeholders and for its partners and investors.

Supernova operates in partnership with Supernova Management, a company specialized in Development & Management which employs a multidisciplinary team of around 30 people that embraces an integrated approach to managing a wide range of innovative, highly qualified and skilled professionals, consultants and companies.

Supernova operates in the real estate realizing urban regeneration projects.